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Montana Birding and Nature Trail
Discover the Nature of Montana...

Adding it Up: Economic Value of Birding and Wildlife Viewing to Montana 

If Wildlife Watching were a company, its sales of $38.4 billion would rank it 33rd in the Forbes 500 list for 2001—placing it just ahead of Motorola and Kmart.”

(2001 National and State Economics of Wildlife
, US Fish and Wildlife Service). 


Millions of birdwatchers and wildlife watchers


Adding revenues to local economies—


Spending billions on bird seed, feeders and wildlife viewing gear annually—


And willing to pay more to see wildlife—


In Montana —

Wildlife viewing tops the list


Adding millions of dollars into the Montana economy--


Montanans love birds


Cases in Point — values of birding trails, festivals, birding destinations: 

Birding trails capture the birdwatching and wildlife viewing market—


Birding festivals are moneymakers—


Birding benefits rural communities--



Information collected and assembled by
the Montana Birding &Nature Trail Steering Committee,