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Montana Birding and Nature Trail
Discover the Nature of Montana...

Naturewatch Tips 

Take a tip from the pros. By following this code of ethics you will be rewarded with the gift of observing nature on nature’s terms, not ours. Slow down. Engage your senses.  

The Wildlife Watcher’s Code of Ethics
(adopted by the National Partners in Watchable Wildlife) 

We, as wildlife watchers, will put the needs and safety of wildlife first, conserve wildlife and habitats, and respect the rights of others. We will seek wildlife watching experiences that reward us with the gift of seeing animals behaving naturally in their own environments. Recognizing the importance of learning specific codes of ethics for observing birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and insects in the wild, we will adhere to these guiding principles: 

1. Observe animals from a safe distance for us and for them:

2. Allow wild animals to forage for their natural foods.

3. Film and photograph wildlife responsibly.

4. Always be considerate.

5. Return a gift to nature in all our actions.