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Montana Birding and Nature Trail
Discover the Nature of Montana...

Climate Friendly Travel  

Part of caring about conservation and birds is doing our part to reduce carbon emissions that are increasing global warming.  As you travel the  Montana Birding and Nature Trail, here are some suggestions to drive less, save gas, and be climate-friendly: 

  • Keep your car tuned up.  Make sure the air and oil filters clean and the tires properly inflated. 
  • Share one car.  When meeting up with friends or family to visit sites, leave one car in town and explore together.
  • Slow down. Drive at the slowest speed that’s safe and courteous. You’ll  save gas, see more wildlife and avoid hitting birds and other wildlife. Automobiles kill an estimated 60 million to 80 million birds a year.
  • Turn off the engine during stops. Open your window. Listen to the birds, insects and frogs; get out and take a walk.
  • Spend longer at fewer sites. Don’t try to see the whole trail at once.  It’s amazing how much of nature comes to you when you linger longer. You’ll have a chance to delve deeper into local communities as well.
  • Off-set your carbon use. Carbon offsets are a way for anyone who drives a car, turns on a light or takes a plane to "offset" their carbon dioxide emissions by investing in a green project aimed at reducing the CO2 in the atmosphere. Visit this website to find out how it works and to participate.
  • Buy a hybrid car if you can. Choose cars for efficiency and best gas mileage.
  • Get creative to avoid driving. Take a bicycle trip on the trail. Float a river to connect sites. Hire a local nature guide. Explore nearby nature often.